Making extra money at home?

I work full time during normal working hours. I would like to give a little boost to my income. 100% of the time i’m not working I have my 2 year old.
I want to earn an extra 200 (or more) a month but cannot bring my little one with me to fix someone’s car or mow a lawn for example. I’m only free evenings and weekends to be able to do anything outside of my full time job.
I can’t code etc (although id like to be able to). Selling things on ebay is my best idea but Im working during all post office hours.

Any ideas what I can do from home that isn’t coding or creating an app or website? All with a child present. Because I’m out of ideas…

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Copywriting perhaps, if you have writing experience. Reviewing CVs for advice. Helping with essays or revision.

Have a look on Fiverr for some typical tasks.

What about Finding a better paying job for your normal hours, then you don’t lose any free time you could be spending with your kid as they get older?

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Finding a better paying job was my first choice but my partner works at the same place as me, they give us the hours we need to fit in with each other. Any change in hours would require babysitter, so I’d be getting payed more but only to be paying it out to a babysitter or nursery.

I guess you should think about what your skills are and see if you can utilise those - obviously I have no idea what you do in real life, but maybe try something like a mind map where you write down what you do in the middle and draw off branches of related work/tasks/roles and see where it ends up.

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As Caspar says it depends on your skills.

I was in the right place at the right time and got an admin assistant role I do at home for a few hours a week. No childcare to worry about.

There are websites that you can use but the easiest way would be asking around any friends who have small businesses

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If you’re reasonably accurate with typing, transcription is a possibility. I don’t know how many hours would be needed to bring in £200pm though.

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Don’t rule eBay out, you can drop off the next morning on your way to work, and some shipping brokers you can drop off for DPD as late as 10pm.

Ebay is an easy option, especially if you can find a lot of items that people want, but its abit hit and miss and probably wont guarentee you a constant amount. but definately worth exploring and maybe start by having a look around the house for things that are nt needed or used any more,

As for the EBay shipping part, my local ‘proper’ post office opens 9 to 5,so wont work for you, but have a look around your area and there are 2 ‘franchise’ post offices near me run by local shop keepers and they open at 7am and don’t close until 10pm. I’ve posted items at 9.30pm and they just accept it and add it to the next days collection etc.

The other option for smaller items is EBay’s own delivery, which is currently run by Shutl, but this is changing very soon, and can be shipped via places like the Co-op etc, which again open 7am to 10pm, and they are reasonably priced too

You could also look at CollectPlus, DPD and UPs etc who all work with local shops (i.e. Spar etc) but they are all expensive, especially for smaller items. Other options are available, you’ll just need to research your local area to see what’s available and closest. You’ll need a few options depending on the size of the items etc.

Let me know how you get on and what you find available. Hope this helps a little.

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You could become an Usborne Books seller:

And MyHermes. In my experience, they’ve usually been cheaper than Royal Mail (presumably because they’ve fewer palaces to pay for).

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I forgot about MyHermes, I’ve used there quite a bit and for me they were a good option and they were cheaper than the rest and also I could send through my local Co-Op Food store which opened early till late and 7 days too, which is great.

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Actually, it’s possible to make good money even from home. I quit my job several years ago and started earning with freelancing. There are a large number of opportunities available on the internet nowadays, everything you need is patience and efforts, check out this list of freelance sites, maybe you’ll find there something for yourself

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How about setting up a Shopify store, you can use ipostanyparcel to pick up orders from your house and there cheap - Shopify doesn’t require any coding! I’m thinking of doing this and making t-shirts. I have an iPad Pro and I can make my designs using affinity designer.

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Thanks for all the input. I will reconsider ebay as its the only thing that suits my other commitments, there is no post office nearby that is open until 10. Only ones near me are 9-5 +9-6.
I’ll have to look into other postal services