What about BankID? No more passwords log in issues ever! 🥳


I’ve been living in the UK since 2013, and in the meantime everyone in my home country, Sweden, as well as all of Scandinavia, started using something called BankID.

By using this we only need one password, FaceID or fingerprint to log in to banks, government websites, companies etc. You can also use it when you’re shopping online to make it much safer.

Any thoughts of doing something similar in the UK and with Monzo? I promise it makes life a hell of a lot easier. When I sign up for new services online I never need to create new passwords. Only use my pretty little face. :innocent:

Here’s a link to check it out!


With Monzo all you need to sign in a your pin or biometrics so I don’t think it’s a solution they need

This isn’t just single sign on. This is a verified ID system. Suggests that the ID is guaranteed.

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Yeah the UK tried something similar (ID cards) but it didn’t work as people complained that it was “big brother”.

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I read this in the M&S food porn way.


This sounds like something the Government would need to implement, and then banks could use it once it’s created

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Yes I’m in contact with the government as well :smiley:

It’s not just for Monzo. It would be used to prove your identity in thousands of services.

That was 10 years ago. I wonder if people would feel the same today :face_with_monocle::thinking: if not we could just hire some hackers and manipulate people as every other government around the world. :laughing: (sorry maybe that’s not funny)

Even if the Government listened to people’s ideas, they would find a way to balls it up.

Now that most services are app based its pretty much all finger/face so less of a need for this.

People also don’t like change and more suspicious of the UK government in doing the right thing.

So I think it’s missed the boat, in getting people onboard.