We've got a special treat for our community in Manchester!

We’ve lined up offers with some of the independent retailers in Manchester you love most!


Why don’t you do anything for your London users?

(Tongue firmly in cheek)


These are great, thank you! :tada:

Foundation is one of my favourite places in Manchester to get coffee :coffee:


I’m visiting Manchester in July so just missing out on this, but great news for MCR Monzo users!

Yey!! It’s so great when something cool like this happens OUTSIDE London, and extra cool when it’s the North finally getting a bit of Love!


Manchester is in the North? :wink:

Outside of community events, what have London Monzo users (as in all of us) had that Manchester hasn’t?

These offers are great (would be better if it was automatic but I like the concept) but I don’t think the south get much more on Monzo than the north. Other than community events.


I was wondering the same. :thinking:

I’ve never seen anything quite like this set up for London users.


Looks good, shame I’m not in the city centre.


I seem to remember a couple of others but can’t remember what they are called.


I recall the Old Street one but at that time I’m sure only London residents could be on Monzo so it’s not the same. Or at least it was like 80% of their base. A deal is only worth it for the stores if they actually have Monzo customers in the area.

Also Monzo don’t control where Eat are. There are Eats outside of London.

Greggs is predominantly northern. They are the main focal point on Monzo Plus.

For all the moaning, I don’t think ordinary Monzo users in London get anything more than other users.


Eat is common in London but definitely not just London exclusive. They have branches in Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Bristol and even Madrid, Barcelona and Paris to name a few (although the offer was likely only for UK stores).

I didn’t know about the Old Street event though, thanks!

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If this goes well, we’d love to bring this initiative to other cities! As I mention at the end of the blog post, let us know where you are if you’d like us to come to your city next.

We had to start somewhere, and Manchester is a major city where we haven’t had a big physical presence before. Plus, this is a community team project, but obviously the Monzo Points team are working on getting exciting offers and rewards for the Monzo community everywhere.

I also wouldn’t underrate how much community love London gets! We put a lot of time and energy into events, and for the most part they’re in London (including Open Offices every month, and Investival later this month). I think it’s a special thing, that Monzo folk in London have an open door to our office and a chance to meet one another regularly. We want to share that around! :wink:


I wasn’t saying this shouldn’t happen. It should. It’s good. I don’t care at all that it’s in Manchester.

I was more replying to the “finally something for Monzo users outside of London” comments. And apart from community events (which are fab, and long may they continue) we don’t get much more. Actually less now with Plus being focused on a Greggs and this being an initiative in Manchester.

I know a ton of people in London on Monzo who wouldn’t have the first clue about community events. We seem to forget most London Monzo users don’t go to these events…


Are Greggs a northern thing though? Got loads of then on the south coast.

Edit: Just did a quick check, there are 21 Greggs located within a 10 radius of where I am

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Greggs are by far a more northern known brand. They are based in Newcastle.

Like I said I don’t care, but let’s not pretend Londoners get more from Monzo in reality.



But those comments stem from years and years of ‘London’ being the central hub for news, media, events. It’s a reality we live with because we aren’t in London, and it’s very apparent. Nothing against London BTW, I lived just outside it for a couple of years, but the ‘skew’ is real… so any time something happens ‘NOT IN LONDON’ it’s a bigger deal than I think you realise.


Lol first of all calm your beans. This is my personal opinion. Plus, the offer is only like discount in 4 places that aren’t chains, so it’s a v small offering.

Secondly I didn’t say Monzo specific, i said “something cool like this”.
Because stuff happens in London way more than anywhere else in the country. Now I don’t live there anymore, I’ve noticed how little the rest of the UK gets.
And I just think it’s cool that a big company like Monzo, who isn’t based in Manchester, has thought about Manchester.


Who isn’t being calm? Strange comment. I wasn’t even specifically commenting on your post. And I said earlier than I don’t care that it’s in Manchester; I recognise this as exactly what Monzo should be doing and I think it’s a positive and great thing.

Oh totally true. I have been frustrated immensely in so many areas of society being skewed towards London, and I’m from the north west so I grew up around the lack of infrastructure, particularly in transport.

On Monzo… I don’t think there is a skew. Not at least other than community events, and certainly not disproportionate to the number of users London has (which is basically everyone I know at least!)


Great to see although sadly too far away to take part in any of these! Lots of companies giving Manchester some love recently which is positive to see investment in the North. Look forward to seeing more happening from Monzo outside of London and in the other nations of the UK

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