Anyone has used this service? They offer a free Mastercard contactless and better rates apparently.

Looks good.

You can get some decent cashback from Quidco for loading £50 onto it.

Yeah, but 2930 reviews on Trustpilot doesn’t seem quite legit.

Yeah I’ve just had a proper look around the app.

Fees are a bit crap.

Instant exchange is expensive or you can choose to wait longer for less % fee. Which is madness.

It’s not often I get to say this but…Revolut is way better.

I’ve had a WeSwap card for a couple of years however I’ve not used it since I got a Starling account because basically, the Starling debit card just works better for me. When I did use the WeSwap card, it was for visits to South Africa and it worked brilliantly. Pre-loaded it with Rand and it was accepted everywhere with the safety of not having to carry loads of cash. If I didn’t have my Starling Bank account, I’d still quite happily use my WeSwap card.

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