We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

I’m actually looking forward to a much more streamlined interface - I can then figure out what I didn’t actually care for/ use. Glad the graph has gone but share the sentiments that if Summary will be exiled, having some sort of soft “left to spend” (even if that is total in (x) - total out (y)) but I like the idea of stripping everything back again and seeing what is needed from a blank canvas.


Hi @JordanFish :wave:t2:

Personally, the things that are important about Summary for me are:

  1. seeing clearly my leftover cash after all committed spending
  2. extending from 1, if there is not enough money to pay all committed spending, show how much money is required
  3. a place to see all of my upcoming bills, including which ones have been paid already and when. The Scheduled Payments area under Payments doesn’t quite do it for me, as upcoming Payments are not greyed out (and I don’t believe it would make sense to do so in its current format)

I have never used the Spending, Income and Pots section of Summary. But I do frequent the graph and Committed spending.

I hope that’s useful.


Ding Dong, the Graph is dead.

Which old graph?

The wicked pulse graph.


Hi @JordanFish

This. i dont even look at my balance. I just want to know what I have left from my committed spend. Not saying that it has to look the same, but ultimately I would want to still be able to see somewhere what I have left to spend.

I also like to see a total of my committed spend. This helps with longer terms budgeting. In the summary tab I use:

  1. Left to spend
  2. Budgets (so I dont overspend on lets say groceries etc)
  3. Committed spending.

I dont really look at Income, Pots or excluded.


Again I have to agree with this.


Thinking aloud, if the new design is combined with the safe to spend figure etc, I’d be super happy. (Oh - and search/time travel, but I’ve said that twice already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I wonder, though, whether some more advanced analytics / budgeting / spending insight might not be useful. Maybe not as a tab (heretic thought: companion app?!) - previous thoughts of mine here:



As a minimum it would be great to keep the “left to spend” figure that summary displays. I find this figure more useful to me than my overall account balance.


Agreed. Prior to this re-design I’d have appreciated a toggle to launch the app straight into Summary, as I normally switch to that screen straight away anyway.


Thinking about it, the other thing I use quite a bit without thinking is the ‘X days to go’ part, Just to see how long Ive got till payday without doing the mental maths!


I love the new look!! Signed up for the trial :sunglasses:

I don’t have the same pull tray on the Account page but other than that it’s pretty similar to the upcoming version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Ooh, eye spy Summary (or a variant thereof).

I take it this isn’t what’s going to be released @JordanFish?

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If the android version looks like this and has “left to spend” and “days to go” I’d jump in. That doesnt show on the screenshots above …


Not saying anything new, but just adding to the importance of summary…

The big shift Monzo has made for me in how I manage my money is not looking at my balance anymore. I have my budgets set and my committed spend and I entirely use this to know how much money I have left. My budget is less than my income which means I can then scrape a bit off into a pot every month.

I’d really like to see a “left to spend” view that’s more prominent in the app, that considers budget, committed spend and scheduled transfers to pots. So long as the account balance covers this then all good.


This is something I’d like to see.

Simple in the US have a nice implementation of this: https://www.simple.com/features/safe-to-spend

Or to summarise it:

Safe-to-Spend is your total available balance minus your Goals and any Scheduled Activities that will be withdrawn from your account in the next 30 days. It’s your own smart budgeting tool that, together with Goals, is the heart and soul of your Simple account.


Interestingly, one of the very (very) early versions of Mondo had a Safe to Spend figure by the Pulse graph:

Swiftly followed by a cease and desist letter from Simple. :pensive:


Until you decide what you do with Summary, can you please just leave it as it is when you do eventually roll out the new UI to everyone?


Oh no! Summary is one of the best features of Monzo in my opinion and it’s certainly one of the things that differentiates Monzo from other banks for me. I love being able to see where my spend goes on a regular basis. I miss some of the old old features of summary (like retailers you spend most at etc) so this will be a bummer if budgeting/summary tools are gone :frowning:


Can anyone confirm if the left to spend figure deducts any committed spending?

I agree re the Summary comments, I don’t look at my balance either and would miss Summary this if it went.


Budgeting tools will definitely not be gone – visibility and insight into your spending is core to Monzo. We are wondering if we can do better, and the restructure gives us space to try new things. In fact, retailers you spend the most at is something that we are discussing bringing back now that we have the space in the product again :wink:


I’ve signed up! Happy to test this type of change.