We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

iOS 2.57 - I’m not a font expert so might not be TNR, but it definitely looks really out of place when you click on ‘new savings pot’

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When is account / pot totals meant to be returning? Thought that was touted for 2.57?

Just turned off the new Nav to locate a setting in the old world view and I didn’t like it. Just highlights how good the new Nav is.

One thing I did notice is that there’s no way to get to “Add to Google pay” in the new Nav.


I really couldn’t agree more, having this bar as a reference point is so useful!

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New design is great!

Personally, I think the card section is overcrowded. The graph was a good idea but I guess if it’s not working the in same way as before then fair enough.

But the best thing about the graph was the that you could check the daily spend of previous days? Perhaps that could be brought back?

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I’ve never fully grasped ‘Summary’. So I was a bit disappointed to see the ‘Left to spend’ figure be so high up the hierarchy of info - cause mine is just a random figure.

Am I the only one who has never used ‘Summary’? Maybe nows the time to start, any tips (or links to other threads)?


Love the new nav and the card disappearing on the second pot has been fixed!! :grin:

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Loving the RAG colours on the left to spend figure on the home page now.

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No, the summary or the graph have never been my things. I mean I put most of my own and my household spending through my Amex card and split the bill with my partner. So my spending pattern is really just a bunch of incoming payments all month long with a relatively massive payment out at the end of the month. And summary is just not designed for this use case

Am I blind or can I really not exclude incoming p2p payments from summary?

I think this is the best update yet

  • Really like the daily spend total.
  • The left to spend also looks much better in the new position
  • The blue account number and sort code are in a much letter position
  • Profile makes much more sense
  • Feels a lot faster that previous releases

iOS version


I am a lover of the immediate summary line above cards. To leverage its position, it would help a lot if this line was tappable (for a slightly easier shortcut to Summary). More importantly, the “X days left” line should appear (even if not labelled, it would be similarly styled to the circular graph), which would aid in at-a-glance budgeting.

But other than that, it’s a welcome improvement! My thumbs will have to get used to the layout, but it’s already leaps and bounds over any other banking app I’ve seen.


Are you also on iOS 13? I also have this, I mentioned it a few weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll fix it before iOS13 leaves beta.

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I really dislike the new update. I wish Monzo would offer their customers of having the option of keeping the old layout or switching to the new in the App like they did when the were in beta testing

You can switch between new nav and the standard layout at any time; tap on ‘Profile’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Monzo Labs’ > then select or deselect ‘Monzo New Navigation’ as required.

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Seems a bit buggy. I’m using the iOS app 2.56.0 #543 and the screen is jittery when sliding up and down. For example navigate to Monzo labs and click back. The screen will go jittery bouncing up and down.

As for the new look I’m going to reserve judgement until more features are introduced. I would like to see better interactions with push notifications and better insights into my spending. I.e. when flux is more main stream in supermarkets I want to know I could have got my weekly shop cheaper somewhere else. Obviously this ain’t for this topic!

@bruno iOS 2.57 on iOS 13 wrong font here;


I do not know that. You’ve made my day! Thank you.

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The line that says “We reckon you’ll have £x left at the end of this month” is life changing to me. On the new interface it is still one ixk away, and on the latest update it disappeared all together for me. Please don’t remove it, it is so useful to people like me that want to know if they’re spending in line with the end of the month.


I see this too on the beta. But I think this is an Apple related bug with the default font. Many other apps have this issue like Trainline for example.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned but when you hold down the icons at the bottom to switch between current and joint nothing happens. :man_shrugging:t3: