We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

@NP81 “Spent Today” values will come back, check the design files posted in my previous post:


I’ve been so happy without ‘spent today’ given it didn’t make sense half the time.

I.e. if I make a £10 transaction but bill split half of it, I have only spent £5 today. My category of whatever it was from will only be affected by £5 and my balance will only be £5 lower. Yet previously Monzo would still say ‘£10 spent today’ which is incorrect however you look at it.

If it comes back I’d really love if this could be fixed.


@bruno Im hoping the “reach goal quicker” will only be shown for those that have opted in to lending promotions?

Really wont like if that shows for me :grimacing:


I really hope they won’t start promoting loans as a way of saving again… I’d be out if so


I’ve read a few threads asking for daily balance. This could be added like this;



I think an Income category would solve this issue.

Anything categorised as Income would not be included in the Spent Today figure and all incoming payments assigned to other categories could then be deducted from that category’s budget and also from Spent Today, which would be useful for stuff like refunds or people paying you back for things.

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Hey all, about an hour ago my app updated to the new format, so I assume I was chosen for the closed testing :smiley:. My thoughts on the changes so far:

  • The “View All” button at the top-right on Android and top-left on iOS, could realld do with being on the bottom bar - I understand the whole point was to reduce the number of buttons on here, so perhaps the “Help” button could be moved to the top-left or top-right, as we’re not likely to use it as much?

  • Doesn’t appear to be very easy to switch between my current and joint account. I now have to tap “View All”, then “Switch Account”, then at the bottom of the screen select my other account, then back at the top-left I need to hit the back button again to see the feed for my current account - very faffy!


Hi @misterdipy,

See here: We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

For an updated progress post. Lots more improvements to come in the next couple of weeks!

If this doesn’t get implemented… I’ll be fuming. This… Surely is the most logical step to take from a UX point of view. It would also be seamless, adding to the satisfying flow of the app. Pleaeease.


“Reach goal quicker” is a placeholder label that could be anything :+1:


Personally I don’t see how having two separate areas of the screen to scroll up/down to see important information is good UX. Scrolling vertically should always accomplish one thing on this screen, scrolling through your transactions.

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Agreed. Swiping up/down is for account transactions displayed for the currently displayed central card image.
The displayed central card image can be swiped left/right to select the card/account

And simply tapping on the central account card, which currently does nothing now, then displays the details for that card - pots, overdrafts, points, etc.

Simple UX without extra clutter. Although easier said than done of course :wink:

I said the same somewhere earlier in the thread, but there’s so many posts it’s hard to remember when! [EDIT]: Found it; We're working on a new look for the Monzo app


I still have no idea where to find my full balance across all pots and main balance. It’s not under the View All button, or when I swipe down to view my card :thinking: Am I being stupid?

The other thing that’s missing is being able to retry DDs, I’ve relaly needed this a few times recently. I move money out of pots to pay them and if I forget to do it before 2am, I have to hope I’ve done it properly before 2pm, otherwise I miss out on them being paid completely.

I think the ‘total total’ has died a death with the new layout.

I can see my total after clicking on View all and it’s then under the title of the pots screen ‘Personal account’. This is on android.

Has it just not been added to iOS yet?



I really love the spent today feature and often find myself going through counting up the days transactions :joy:


No, but that would be perfect. I thought someone posted a similar screenshot in another thread showing the same for iOS but I definitely don’t have it so either it’s not visible to everyone, or I imagined it.

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Not available for iOS nor is group totals

This is a shame. It is a bit of a pain to add up all the pots and account balances.

Anybody know how to find your direct debits on this new layout? I really can’t seem to find them :thinking: