Well done Team Monzo!

Just wanted to post to give a shout-out to Team Monzo.

I can be quite harsh in criticising some of the decisions the bank takes, but it comes from a place of love and wanting it to do well.

But I feel that I must commend the teams at Monzo for a few excellent months of amazing pace of development, great features and fantastic engagement with the Community. I don’t want to appear to have favourites but the Neon cards, the new layout, and all the Flex stuff come to mind at first. It’s starting to feel like the Monzo of old, but matured, and on the right track.

It might not sound much but today I got my salary details updated so that I’ll once again be paid into Monzo. I’m not moving Direct Debits over just yet but that’s not far off.

I’ll still have my reservations and will probably dish out some criticism on various topics (can we all have the chat button back, please?) but overall I feel the ice melting. Hell, I might even pay for Plus to give it some more time to test other account in Trends.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, well done everyone at Monzo.


Well said!

And quoting this for truth.

This place works best when we give respectful but honest feedback. As long as the intention is good, and the words don’t wound, then I think constructive criticism is the most important thing for Monzo to hear.

That said, it was lovely reading your post. And I’m not even Monzo. (Apparently they have no need for an amateur pollster. Who knew?)


This is the key for me! Rolling things out to the community early, getting (in addition to other sources) feedback on things, and engaging with comments both positive, negative and glow in the dark!


Absolutely agree here too


Thanks for taking the time to write this @ndrw :pray:t3:

Honestly without the feedback that you and everyone else gives on the Community - the multiple teams wouldn’t be able to make some of the changes that you and others have given praise to.

I’ll make sure to share this internally with the teams who already visit on the regular but also with the wider business. :heart:


Absolutely agree 100pc.

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I’ve Slowly but surely started the move back over myself in the last few weeks, only reason I’m still hesitant is my Mrs is refused an account so it almost feels pointless just me having Monzo when she’s the main person I’d be splitting bills with etc.

For that reason our main banking is all with Starling but I’ve moved savings over to Monzo and my own spends.


To add.

I’ll admit there are times that I don’t agree with Monzo, and right now I’m not even a customer.

But I still come here because the engagement is great from Monzo. It’s what other banks should aspire to in their engagement with customers.


I too want Monzo to succeed and I believe they will. Yes their customer service needs some work, but that will likely come with time, as Monzo grows, so will the staff


Monzo has definitely been on a roll in recent months:

  • Expanding lending; loans, overdrafts and a lot of improvements to Flex
  • A decent in-house savings option.
  • Still focused on improving the app experience.
  • The trends and budgeting changes.
  • Expanding the range supported under open banking (could still go further IMO but perhaps it also depends on the other providers).

Who are you still missing, out of interest?

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I need more words as Discourse won’t let me just type virgin


Metro Bank for a current account.

Also, a NatWest regular saver account doesn’t appear in the list of accounts I can add, although the cynic in me thinks that’s down to NatWest, as the current account itself feeds through correctly.

Metro bank are a law upon themselves on Open Banking, and saving accounts aren’t part of the API that’s mandated, but banks can add them into it. It’s on NatWest

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