Congratulations Monzo!

(James Isaacs) #1

Awesome name! What do other people think?

(MikeF) #2

For some reason I’ve just thought of Gonzo from the muppets…

It feels instantly wrong but that’s just a familiarity thing. It will no doubt become as familiar as its predecessor after a couple of days or so.


I honestly thought you’d have gone with Motion over Monzo. It’s not a name I particularly like but I’ll embrace it! :smile:

(Saveen) #4

Hey there fellow Monzonauts! :rocket:


Yep, instantly thought muppets! Hard Z in the name is not particularly friendly sounding but will get used to it.


Sounds more like a computer game than a bank. While I dislike the new name I am sure we will get used to it

(Abu Sayad) #7

I don’t like it - seems I am the only and all :persevere:

(Miguel Afonso) #8

Will we get a ‘z’ free sticker to patch over the ‘d’ for the current cards? :smiley:

(Abu Sayad) #9

I see what you did there :smile_cat:

(Nigel Laverick) #10

Happy to be a Monzonaut :rocket:

(Leon) #11

Not liking it. It’s something a normal bank would of picked. Oh the irony!