Welcome to the brand new Bulletin!

Hey all!

With the office move, we decided to move The Bulletin from the old livestream format to a new pre-recorded show to give us the opportunity to try new things!

This is the first one in the new format so we would LOVE your feedback! In this episode we show you a bit of the new office, talked to our Facilities/Building Operations manager Shelford, and sit down with Brenda from Call & The Gang (our calls and social media team) to talk about The Big List.

All feedback super welcome! Enjoy!


Amazing. Loving the new format, especially being on YouTube rather than Facebook.

Still a few slight sound issues - though I’m wondering where the balance is between something authentic and something over produced? Maybe head mics?

Finally, loving the new office! :confetti_ball::office: :monzo:

(I was eagerly looking at the buildings in the background to see if I could see anyone waving!)



Thanks Peter - glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I had to do quite a bit of editing work on the audio as it unfortunately came out super hissy - we’ll be using different mics for the next episode. I managed to remove all the background noise but at the slight expense of some clarity. You’ve got good ears for noticing that though!

Definitely agree on getting the YouTube upload as well - now that we’re not live, there’s no platform constraint so we didn’t want to leave anyone out from being able to watch.

As for the background buildings…Not sure our camera is quite that good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely let us know what kind of things you’d want to see in future episodes in terms of guests, product sneak peeks, etc. We’re feeling like the new format gives us huge potential so are open to all ideas!

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Much welcome improvement, thumbs up from me :+1:t3:. Nice to see a mix of content too, the new office seems so nice!

So much potential with the new format (seems like a mashup between the old bulletin and Monzo insider).

Good to hear that new mics will be used as it’s a bit muffled :microphone:.

Well done :clap:t3:

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Nail on the head! :hammer:

So production time on the old bulletin was super minimal because it was live, but it wasn’t flexible. Monzo Insider was super flexible but the production time was quite extensive.

So we’re trying to hit that sweet spot where we can do something on a regular basis AND be really flexible in what we can film and show.

Massive shoutout to @Naji for filming and working out all the logistics as well, we had a catchup earlier today just before uploading and we’re both really happy with how it’s turned out!


Can we make a separate show entirely about Shelford?


I loved Shelford. Definitely a fan.

I’d love a series on the unsung heroes of Monzo. People like Shelford who are in internal roles, who keep the place ticking over with character and charisma, but that you wouldn’t usually get to meet (and are often taken for granted in other places :frowning:) . People like receptionists, cleaners, Monzo Security :tm:, PAs / exec assistants (the Q&A with Georgie remains my favourite - not that I have favourites - but if I were to have favourites… Erm, someone take this shovel off me)… :spades:

This might have been covered, but the new format might allow for some better sneak peaks - seeing working prototypes / demos, maybe? Or a retro about how a new feature was iterated, ideas that tested that didn’t work etc? 3 or 4 minutes of on-screen demo inter spliced with designer head to camera would be cool. And I’m super interested in learning from what didn’t work, so it’d be brave but really interesting to learn about killing your darlings).

More ideas: a brief “news in review” section about Monzo in the news / conferences Monzo folk have been speaking at (with clips or just links in the description) would also be of interest…

Finally, if any of them were up for it, I’d love some interviews with the Coral Crew, maybe? I know that @Jackcrwhitney has already had a few minutes of fame, but I’d love to hear a bit more about the role, their favourite features, how they’re not staff but volunteers, the importance of the user perspective etc. :wink:

I had caffeine earlier. I don’t drink caffeine. Too many thoughts.



Amazing feedback Peter. I’ll be making some notes and we’ll figure out what’s feasible!