Tonight's Open Office Streaming here!

(Naji Esiri) #1

For anyone without a ticket/snowed in :snowflake::upside_down_face:

Our customers are the reason behind everything we do. But how do we balance our ambition to serve 1 billion people, with our commitment to deliver first class support to each and every customer?

Product Manager Francisco Carvalho Araújo reveals the work we’re doing behind the scenes, building smart tools to empower both our support team and our customers to solve problems and find answers.

Monzo's financial situation in The Telegraph
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what a great improvement on sound from previous office streaming videos :clap::clap: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A great session! Was hoping to meet more people off here though. Also would be good if the Monzo guys wore badges with their name and area, so you could see who to chat to if you had a particular question

(Jack) #4

Watched the recording after. Very interesting thank you!

(Josh Price) #6

Amazing stream! Thanks so much for fixing those audio issues :sound:.

Just a thought. It might be awesome if after an open office the person who delivered the talk was the member of staff selected for the Q&A! :slight_smile: