Welcome to Null Island

(Omar Sarhan) #1

Not a bug per se, more a strange UI artifact, I noticed that when I select a transaction and the map location is loading, that section of the screen goes to 0,0 before refreshing to the correct location.
It usually only lasts a few microseconds, however when you are viewing transactions when not having a connection to the internet it does look silly.
Null Island is astrange place!

(Peter ) #2

That’s hilarious! I’d never paid much attention to the occasional load jitter for location data - but just checked and it’s definitely happening on android too.

Easter :egg: presumably?

(Andy Little) #3

If I want to see a merchant location I generally open the transaction and touch the map right away. This frequently causes google maps to load focused at Null Island rather than the actual location.

Not a big deal, but it does show an app which requires polish so it should probably be picked up at some point.

As a side note, until the data loads shouldn’t the lat and long contain null values rather than zero?