Weird October 25th date bug

I created a new pot* and set up a scheduled monthly payment to go into the pot, starting on October 25th. When I finished setting up the scheduled payment and returned to the pot, the scheduled payment was now showing as the 24th of October and on the 24th monthly thereon.
I assumed I’d selected the wrong date by mistake so I started again but the same thing happened.
I then tried setting the scheduled payment to start on October 26th instead, and that was fine.
But what’s wrong with the 25th? Is there something you know about October 25th that you’re not telling us :rofl:?!

(* I actually set up more than one pot and the same thing happened with each one)

Details to reproduce: see above
OS: iOS 12.4.8
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 3.50.0


I’m not techy so have no idea why this might be (or how to sort it) but October 25th is when daylight savings ends, I wonder if that’s something to do with it :thinking:


Issue does not occur on my Android phone.

Unique to iOS then?

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Nope, I just tried this both with a new pot and an existing pot with one off and monthly staring on 25th October and it worked fine.

Same phone and OS as the OP. I’m on TestFlight tho


Weird :thinking:

25th October is also a Sunday. A question- does Monzo not do pot transfers on weekend? I know most direct debits don’t get taken on weekends, so dunno if it’s the same with scheduled pots

Scheduled pot transfer happen every day

Hi Francis & welcome :wave:

Random issues like this are usually fixed by performing the logout, uninstall Monzo app, restart device, reinstall Monzo app dance :bananadance:

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I wondered about that too, but it shouldn’t really make a difference! Thanks for your response.

Thanks - I’ll give that a go

I wondered about that but it’s never been a problem before, and October 24th (a Saturday) was what it changed to, so…

V random!

Thank you for testing this out

Thank you for testing this out. I might try getting on the TestFlight version just for kicks (and to report bugs obv)

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