Scheduling payments bug

Issue: scheduling a payment for a specific date results in Monzo saving the schedule for the date one day before the one you selected. This then reduces by one day every time you edit the payment, even if you don’t alter the scheduled date. I tend to update my Credit Card standing orders as I spend on them to pay in full on the monthly due date of the bill. This meant my payment for Barclaycard this month was sent to them 6 days before I’d received my bill.

Details to reproduce: try setting a scheduled payment for May 31st as an example, and Monzo will schedule it for May 30th. This happens with any scheduled payment be it a standing order, withdrawal from or deposit to a pot. If you then go back to edit the payment again, you’ll see the date in the edit view is now the day before the day you selected, in my case, May 30th. If I then save this without making any changes, Monzo will change the date to May 29th.
OS: iOS 14.4.2
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 3.78.0 #735



Have you updated to the latest version? There was a bug that the app didn’t account for any 30 day months, the picker might show you it, but I guess the logic wasn’t there.

I’m sure I saw someone say that it’s now fixed.

I’m on the latest App Store release AFAIK. I just checked the App Store and not seeing any updates. Could it be the TestFlight version that’s fixed it?

That’s the version I’m on!

Are you (or anyone else) able to reproduce the issue I’m experiencing?

I wish you could upload videos here so I could document it better. I think it might be unrelated to the issue with statements.

To put it more succinctly, each time you save a scheduled payment, the date will reduce by an increment of 1. You could schedule a payment for 3rd, but Monzo will save it as May 2nd, then edit the payment amount but leave the date the same, and this time it will save as May 1st.

Yep just reproduced.

I scheduled a payment for 22nd May.

I then clicked edit, didn’t change the date, and clicked schedule payment at the bottom. It did FaceID authentication and then when I got back to the scheduled payments list, the date went down by a number.

Have done that 3 times and it’s gone down by one day every time.

Edit for bug report purposes: App 3.78.0 via TestFlight on iOS 14.5 iPhone XS.

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I’m guessing iOS is the common factor here. I’m not experiencing this on the other platform.

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Seems to be! I think Revels uses iPhone too.

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Just to provide a quick update on this. This appears to be completely fixed across the board now. Must have been a sneaky bug on the backend that they were able to quickly patch without a client update.

I’ll mark this as solved now.