Monzo Stickers?

Do they sell them anywhere ? Looking to customise my home

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Yes. In the shop.

Your homoe? I’m assuming home but I’m open to the other possibility being what you meant :joy:


Lol ignore my typo .

As far as I know the shop only sells T-shirts now. No stickers :frowning:


Thought so, i just checked :frowning:

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I think it was all down to a problem with the supplier. Perhaps the coral crew knows more about this.


I don’t remember them ever being available in the store to be honest :pensive:

Edit - Maybe that’s just my dodgy memory though :eyes:


@cookywook Please can you send @venomx some stickers?

Hey but what about mine?

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me first :smiley:

Only joking, share them equally

I don’t have any myself. Never received any.

I hear they tend to only I’ve them our at events but who know what might happen if you ask nicely haha.

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Hmm, they definitely used to:

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Yeah, but the sticker site stopped their marketplace feature:

I would also like some stickers, if you can re-sell them I’ll be happy to buy loads :grin::grin:

Don’t forget mine :wink:

I was kinda hoping a few would be thrown in with my recent t-shirt purchase.
I’d love a couple for sure.

I also would like some PVC Adhesive materials you Monzonaughts call “stickers”

Any news on whether Stickers are still available?