Website chat


Hi, why not add the in-app chat support also in the website ?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

They might & I can definitely see why this would be helpful :thumbsup:

But there’s a few reasons why Monzo might want to keep chat as app only…

Firstly, when you connect to the chat, you’re connecting from a ‘trusted device’ so Monzo don’t need you to answer all of the annoying security questions that we’re used to the legacy bank’s asking.

Secondly, Monzo are able to use machine learning to predict what your query will be, based on the last couple of hundred actions you took in the app. That then feeds through to the help topics that you see in the Help tab & to the COp’s suggested solutions which should help them answer your question faster. Maybe that data could feed through to the website but then you’d need to login in order for it work apply to the help page. Which looks a bit like this -

Slide from this talk.

Lastly, Monzo are planning to add actions to help -

so you’ll soon be able to solve your issue directly, if you’re in the app :zap:

Even if I’m eventually wrong about this, hopefully this post will highlight some of the cool thing that Monzo’s doing in this area for users who haven’t heard about them before :slight_smile:

(Adam Hockley) #3

intercom has a intergate option so should easy work with forum or website just add code in and way we go @hugo get delevopers to add in.


I think that website chat will be an utility for non users to have a fast reply to their questions. The email support is very fast in replying but I think that chatting is more simple and convenient than emailing. Actually user as you said can use in app support that’s made easy solving problems.