Webhooks sending multiple data updates to endpoint

Hi all,
A bit of hard one to reproduce this one.
I’ve recently been working on a React / Redux web application for Financial Decisions based on spending over a long period. For this, I hooked up my Monzo account to my website, and do a whole load of analysis on various bits and bobs.

I use firebase to store my data, and then bind to firebase with redux, for updates to my data.
Whenever I make a transaction in Monzo, I get that same transaction pushed to my webhook endpoint like 10 odd times over the span of about 20 - 30 minutes.

Initially, I presumed that I may be registered that same endpoint too many times on the dev page, but it lists me having that one webhook.

Details to reproduce:

Difficult to reproduce without a small tutorial on registering Firebase Cloud endpoint as webhook for Monzo.
But can give much more detail on demand :slight_smile:


Mac OS running web locally

App Version:


Would you not just record the hooks as they come in and if a duplicate discard?

What HTTP response code are you returning to the webhook request? It sounds like they are being retried.

Our webhook delivery is “at least once” so you might get multiple webhooks for the same transaction and the application should handle this gracefully :slight_smile: However 10 seems excessive