Webhook issues

So I have an a personal project that consumes from the monzo API and receives all my transactions via a webhook. It’s all working fine but I receive each transaction multiple times. The documentation says it will keep trying if it doesn’t receive a successful response, which I guess is what’s happening, but I am returning 200 and I don’t see any details to say that is incorrect. Does anyone know what I need to do to confirm receipt of a webhook? Or is it always going to send it multiple times?

I’ve worked around it for now, but it would be good to stop it wasting network calls.

Hi Tom,

Are the multiple transactions received in quick succession, or are they hours/days later? I had the same issue when I set up my webhook and discovered some transactions are sent twice, once when they’re created (settled = ,) (empty), and then again with the date when they are settled. I now check for a value in settled before I used the data.

My webhook returns a 302. I certainly don’t respond with anything in particular, and don’t get multiple attempts from the webhook.

They are in quick succession, I am guessing its part of the retry and back-off process. Its quite strange. I need to spend some more time investigate it. Its just occurred to me I never delete a webhook but create a new one every time I launch the app, so maybe I have multiple registered. I will check that out!

Yep, that’s a likely cause.