API web hooks

I am trying the web hooks on the API.

Two issues so far…

  1. I am replying on the web hook with a status 204 no content, but Mondo keep posting with exponential backup. Why?

  2. Can we have a web hook for a transaction updated and not just created. If, on my iPhone, I add a receipt or a note, etc, surely it should post to the web hook to say so?


I’m starting now to play with the API and agree with number 2 specially. It would be ideal if we could also get a “transaction.settled” as well as the “transaction.created”. A “transaction.updated” would also be extremely helpful.

Is resurrecting dormant threads here frowned upon or is it OK?

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Bumping unanswered posts is better than posting a duplicate.

But joining the developer Slack channel may be better as is can put you in touch with the developers at monzo



Just thought I’d add my backing for Thomas’ comment, bump away :fist: :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the first problem, 200 seems to be the code they are accepting as valid. 204 should be accepted as well, IMO.