We would love to take part in the Monzo Perks and in our Perks πŸ™πŸ»

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m trying to reach someone to talk to about the possibility of including Plutio in the Monzo Plus exclusive discounts, and Monzo Plus in our Plutio exclusive Perks programme.

Plutio was born out of frustration trying to grow my first business which I started at the age of 15 and now we’re helping 20,000+ freelancers and digital nomads run their business from all around the world :raised_hands:t2:

I’ve switched completely from traditional banking (NatWest) to Monzo years ago and never looked back! Monzo has honestly made my life so much easier, especially as I travel a lot as a digital nomad. It will be absolutely amazing if we could help our customers enjoy the same experience with a small offer for Monzo Plus :pray:t2: And if it is possible at all to also take part in the Monzo Plus perks :blush:

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, please.

I know @jonas is part of the Plus team. Maybe send him a DM?

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Thank you so much! I will try and get in touch :slight_smile:

I didn’t hear back from Jonas, do you know anyone else i could get in touch with?

You could try @Sheri

Sorry, can’t find an email address for you to try

Thank you so much! I will try and contact her :relaxed:

You rock!

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