Dear Monzo, I'm a plustomer who feels left in the dark

In This Post, Jim tells Monzo that he signed up for a premium service and didn’t really get what he paid for. (Yes I’m aware of the many Monzo plus posts, maybe they can be consolidated)(and maybe Monzo might actually respond to this one)

From the moment my colleague showed me a monzo card “what’s a monzo” said I, I’ve been super excited to be part of the journey. It was different from my previous legacy bank. Instant transactions, details, in-built budgeting, a cool colour card. I was hooked

And so it started. I told friends, family, new work colleagues all about it and got people on board. I even went #fullmonzo. And, I still love what Monzo does…

So, no surprises I became an early stage plustomer. “Coming soon” was the catchword and I was ok with that. I had a new card colour to choose, interest on my main account and the promise of many other things…

Nearly four months later and;

  • I’ve had to replace my card twice
  • I’ve had to chase them for Swag (was offered a tshirt)
  • Nearly all the offers are for London Based Companies (There’s a whole world outside, Monzo)
  • I still can’t add any of the additional features that I signed up for
  • There has been near zero communication around what’s actually happening

I presume this post will get flagged and torn down, so I’m not going to repeat what I’ve said in other posts but I’ll say this.

I’m an existing plustomer and the total radio silence around what’s happening with plus, what monzo is doing to fix the issues and why new plustomers are getting items not available to existing customers is not acceptable - I’d like Monzo to write an explanation please around how they’ll fix it.

Peace Out x

EDIT: These are constructive comments, and I would love the opportunity to work with someone from Monzo to help improve it. I’m an Agile Product Manager by Trade, so I totally get how development works :slight_smile:


This really should be a priority for Monzo IMO - people want to give the company more money, but can’t…


@jonas Can we please get some response from you and Plus team. This is like a legacy bank attitude I am afraid. Just as they sold useless PPIs (FYI, Last date to claim today :slight_smile: ) Monzo have sold plus to us with a promise that it will improve. Four months should have been sufficient time to come up with improvements IMHO.


This echos my thoughts exactly. I have also heard that it may not be possible for current plustomers to add new features, such as phone insurance, when it becomes available. That is awful and I really hope it won’t be the reality.


I agree with the points in this post. I joined Plus after the discounted offer ended but feel like the product is still very much in “Beta”. The lack of communication is concerning.

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Yeah, honestly I’m concerned about the lack of movement in Plus. My hope is that the September 3rd Plustomer event will be something of a soft reboot for the product, because it desperately needs one.

Remember “The Big List” for the standard product last year? Plus needs one of those — not just for add-ons but for the basics, like being able to add more add-ons to the base product, having your Plus fee be in Committed Spending, and being able to easily, clearly see your interest.

The lack of updates feels very un-Monzo. I hope that changes.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve disabled the option to renew in the 8(?) or so remaining months but Monzo will have to pull something pretty special out of their hot coral butt for me to consider renewing.


lol can’t help but laugh


Disabling auto renewal isn’t a bad idea to send a message to Monzo. No doubt when we get close to the first set of renewals they’ll pull stats on how many people have it enabled and if they see a big number of people turning it off, they may actually do something.


Just disabled auto renewal

Agreed, I have sent a complaint in with them as your paying for nothing and given them free money for literally nothing very frustrating

While the time between now and the Plus event next Tuesday straddles another outgoing payment for Plus for me, I’m waiting to hear what is presented next Tuesday before deciding to continue or not.

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Since this topic was created there has now been an update:

No point in having the same discussion spread across two topics now.

Agree - It appears that something (perhaps this post, perhaps timing) made them finally update us

Mods - Happy for this thread to be closed now :slight_smile:

I don’t see why people even signed up to it in the first place? You sign up to a service that looks crap and then complain when the service is crap.

It’s like the whole metal card situation, people need to relax. I’ve used Monzo as my main account since they first launched the switch service and I love it, wouldn’t change it for anything but at the end of the day it’s my bank account, at the core it works for me perfectly but when Plus was launched it’s clear to see that it’s a trap, 12 months contract at £3 a month for basically nothing but everyone blindly signs up because they can get a new little card. It’s just stupid, the product shouldn’t have been launched and if you really wanted to send a message you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place.


That’s the Monzo PR machine for you. Lots of people are gullible enough to buy into it.

Monzo appears to have diverged from its initial aims of being a disruptor in the banking space; from putting customers in control of their finances, budgeting and choices.

They seem to have adopted legacy bank thinking with Monzo Plus, and legacy bank customer service with dealing with it.


Let’s keep it to the linked thread.

Hey @JIMMWX, thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry that we’ve let you down and agree that we could have done better.

We’ve just posted an update about how we got here, and what we’re doing next.

I hope that addresses your main concerns. But please keep your feedback coming :hot_coral_heart: