We’re working on joint accounts!

Rickroll’in aside - it’s a genuine entry in the flags :+1:

Hopefully a flag for Joint Account virtual cards will show up soon too!

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Nice to see Year on Monzo 2023 there as well!

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Yea, that’s been in/out for the last few releases.

Hi all - @rossmonzo has shared an update about Plus/Premium features for joint accounts over on this thread :eyes:


I would love the ability to move part or all of a personal account overdraft to the joint account by either party to the joint account


So, will we get custom categories on joint accounts. Why does this even need to be a plus/premium feature anyway. Or, at the VERY LEAST add more categories.

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I’d say no since it’s a Plus/Premium features which has seemingly been dropped for joint accounts for now.


But that’s my point, why the … does it even need to be a premium feature. Or, why can’t they just add MORE categories to joint accounts, not even custom ones rather than do absolutely f all when everyone is clearly keen for this

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That flag :point_up: is still there in the latest code. Whether or not it ever gets changed to ‘true’ is anyone’s guess. Given that it briefly appeared in November for some people (who had JA’s and could see custom categories in the JA), then disappeared just as quickly smells of a mistake activating it. Maybe it caused loads of problems which would take too long to fix?

Anyway - no-one here knows if it’ll ever appear again or not but I’ll watch it like a hawk, obvs


Who actually cares about it, spreadsheet warriors? Why do you need 800000 categories

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Categories are too generic on the standard bunch.

You not had your weetabix hun?


Quite a lot care about custom categories, myself included. Not that I will jump ship because they don’t have them. But they would 100% be a nice thing to have.


You can’t budget in any meaningful way without them.

Yeah you can always tap out. But that sucks.

It’s quite hard to tell whether Custom Categories are simple and inbound, or if indeed they’re the straw that broke the camel’s back. Software always seems simple at a distance of course, but it does feel like “a list of simple arbitrary string tags” is something that you could enable on joint accounts, and something that can’t be that hard to share with one other human?

My working theory is that Monzo’s entire architecture assumes “human = 1”, and because joint accounts are “human = 2” it chucks a hand-grenade into the middle of their code, and because it’s all network-bound microservices stuff, it’s a nightmare to fix.

But if that is indeed the case then rather than deny everyone custom categories at what this point we can round to “forever”, why not let each person who has a joint account have their own set? I mean, usually one person will care and the other won’t in any case. I mean, hell, make it a labs feature so that only people who really care and opt in can get it. Just… god, give us something eh?


This is true in my household. I am much more interested in custom categories - I don’t think my wife even knows that there are standard categories in Monzo.

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I do wish you’d look again at income into Monzo joint accounts qualifying for a joint overdraft - at the moment our main incomes via private pensions are paid into the joint account as they continue should anything happen to one of us - just state pension and part time work goes into our personal accounts but not enough apparently to justify personal overdraft or flex eligibility - joint income is disregarded!


Income isn’t the only decider.

I always thought joint account income was always counted towards consideration, along with credit file, account use, spending.

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Sadly no joint income even if it’s largely mine is disregarded - on the credit score I’m maxed out - it’s only the income side that gives me a problem

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Did monzo confirm that or you assuming that?