We’re working on joint accounts!

It was hinted at by staff in the past that it’d be rolling out more broadly, was just a matter of when. But then, like an excited puppy, it pounced on some people, not all of us yet

Are we any nearer on getting joint account virtual cards?

  • We’ve set up out Joint Bills pot, all working fine.
  • We have a pot for food shopping and a pot for ‘Going Out’ - It’ll be so useful to have virtual cards for these.
  • It looks like Starling Bank has the option for virtual cards, if no-one is working on this and it’s not coming any soon we’ll open a Joint Account with Starling

@georgiajohnson An update would be very welcome please…


@georgiajohnson Seconding that request for an update…

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Agreed, an update would be great, @georgiajohnson.


Is “fourthing” a word @georgiajohnson :joy:

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Absolutely. As is fifthing @georgiajohnson

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Stupid question and genuinely just want to understand but what value does having a virtual card offer? I’ve used them for trials where I want the card to expire without me forgetting but I don’t see the benefit in an ever existing virtual card?

With monzo - paying from a pot.


Helps people split main spending to grocery spending from its own Pot or just a Pot with a Card for subscriptions so no nasty surprises.

Many reasons.

Some have a Pot with a card attached that they add to their kids phone so they are able to spend and parent keeps eye on it or adds money when needed.

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In addition to what the others said, it’s also good from a security perspective. Plenty of websites have some dodgy form to fill your card information into. Better to just make a burner card, pay, and then ditch the card. Then if the details are leaked then the card’s already binned.

Another reason is that you can create one main virtual card for all your online stuff (non-burner I mean, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, whatever), and if and when you lose your physical card you don’t have to go and remember and up date 50 different places with the new details. This has worked well for me.

But the real critical missing feature from joint accounts at the moment isn’t actually the virtual cards (though it would be amazing to get them), it’s actually Custom Categories. It’s really hard to try to get a handle on your spending in the app without them, and I just don’t understand why Monzo don’t put the presumably rather small amount of effort into this that it would presumably require to deliver.


To be fair, I had forgotten the exact content of the first message, and it’s only been two months. I’ve just been asking for it for so many years that it’s become a reflex. They do say they’re working with Plus and Premium teams, and are working on parity. Still, it would be ace to know if not timelines then at least the order the features are being worked on in so that we might have some idea of when to be alert for a particular one (did I mention Custom Categories? I did? :laughing:)

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Completely agree. My wife and I have recently gone full Monzo and one of our (many) reasons for switching was the budgeting capability. I hadn’t appreciated before signing up the customer categories was unavailable on Joint accounts.

I’ve absolutely loved my Monzo journey so far and it’s made huge steps forward for me in managing money and daily spending. Custom categories would just round it off so nicely.


I have a virtual card for “Card Subscriptions”. So things like Netflix use that card, and I have it set to come out of my “bills” pot, which is where all of my direct debits and standing orders also come from. Means I have a dedicated money pot allocate to all recurring monthly payments and everything else is mine to spend how I like.

I also have another virtual card that I use for all “online” spending. So if my card needs to be replaced, I don’t have to update the card at every retailer, since virtual cards stay until cancelled (or expire).