We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

(Dan) #222

“We’ll also give you an IBAN and support inbound Euro transfers to your Monzo account so you can receive payments in the next six weeks!”

What about inbound international payments from places like America? I use eTrade for my stocks and shares, if I want to withdraw how can I do this?

(Richard Cook) #223

Less than 24 hours later, here’s another roadmap update!

We’ve moved [Android] Fingerprint Payments to Done

More info here:

(Richard Cook) #224

Joint accounts are now ready for testing in Labs!

So I’ve added the Labs sticker to Joint accounts on our roadmap.

(Richard Cook) #225

A couple of roadmap updates.

Joint accounts are now out of Labs and available for everyone!

And I’ve moved ‘better payee management’ to Done.

(Excited about Christmas) #226

Hi Rich! What have you done with payee management? Can you list the new functionality?

(Stu Greenham) #227

Can anyone update us on direct debits been able to come out of pots? It’s a deciding factor in moving full time to Monzo

(Richard Cook) #228

Hi Will, sure thing. There’s some info about this here:


This suggests that there won’t be many future improvements to payee management. I really hope this isn’t the case - it really needs an overhaul !


I said the same thing at the time - But my understanding is they are working on overhauling it… But there is no time frame.

I’m disappointed, more because I thought “better payee management” would be this “overhaul” - But it is supposedly being worked on.


I also thought the “better payee management” card on the Trello board would be an overhaul, but I’m happy that what was done towards The Big List (I know we disagree on this) justifies ticking it off there.

(Jack) #232

Hey Richard,

Shouldn’t the following be marked as done if you’re following the same reasons why others have above (MVP and all that):

While the following should be in labs:

Should the following also be added since it’s been mentioned in blog posts:

  • Cheque scanning via app

(Nathan) #233

I think theyre due a much larger overhaul of the public trello board.

Possibly after they release the next stage after the Big List now.

Seems to be very little left to do going by it yet there seems to be alot of things requested/pending.

(Richard Cook) #234

Roadmap update!

Today’s the final day of our Big List project. Read up on everything we built - and the things we missed - here:

Agreed! We’ll soon be moving to a more robust (and up-to-date!) roadmap available online and in the app. Stay tuned :eyes:

(Craig A Rodway) #235

That link goes to a private Google doc. And not on Android :frowning_face: