We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

(Simon Porter) #208

Amazing update. That fixes every grumble I have about Monzo. Pleased to see direct debit retries on there. I will be moving everything back over to you from Starling.

(Craig A Rodway) #209

Still no better transaction search for Android? :cry: :mag:


This! :point_up_2:


(Richard Cook) #211

Roadmap update!

Summary is now out of Monzo labs and available for everyone! Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback.

Because of that, we’re moving Update Spending and Targets for current accounts, Custom start dates for Targets/Summary, and [Android] Targets to Done

Stay tuned for the next exciting Labs feature!


Custom start dates done? Is there not going to be any development around choosing different salary models, like last working day, etc?

(Jack) #213

There will be more flexibility added yes, but the initial launch is done.

(Dan) #214

See here…

There is more to come on that :slight_smile:


Exactly. That’s why I’m surprised to see it marked as “Done”.

(Richard Cook) #216

Quick update on our roadmap!

Yesterday I moved [Android] Travel Reports to Done.

(We announced this earlier this month).

(Richard Cook) #217

Another day, another roadmap update!

Following yesterday’s announcement, I’ve just moved Web Interface to Done :tada:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Could you also update the “Sneak peeks” in the app to move the web UI to “done”? At the moment it’s still work in progress alongside joint accounts and scheduled pot payments.


It’s a web UI so shouldn’t depend on what OS you use, Try it at https://web.monzo.com!

(Richard Cook) #221

Roadmap update!

Moved Improving recurring payments to Done

More info here:

(Dan) #222

“We’ll also give you an IBAN and support inbound Euro transfers to your Monzo account so you can receive payments in the next six weeks!”

What about inbound international payments from places like America? I use eTrade for my stocks and shares, if I want to withdraw how can I do this?

(Richard Cook) #223

Less than 24 hours later, here’s another roadmap update!

We’ve moved [Android] Fingerprint Payments to Done

More info here:

(Richard Cook) #224

Joint accounts are now ready for testing in Labs!

So I’ve added the Labs sticker to Joint accounts on our roadmap.

(Richard Cook) #225

A couple of roadmap updates.

Joint accounts are now out of Labs and available for everyone!

And I’ve moved ‘better payee management’ to Done.


Hi Rich! What have you done with payee management? Can you list the new functionality?

(Stu Greenham) #227

Can anyone update us on direct debits been able to come out of pots? It’s a deciding factor in moving full time to Monzo

(Richard Cook) #228

Hi Will, sure thing. There’s some info about this here: