Monzo T-shirts

Thinking of buying one - anyone else bought one and, if so, what are they like? Fit, quality etc. I don’t like thin t-shirts or ones that are short (I’m 6’3") :tshirt:.

Of course, I’ll pay with :monzo:!

Quality is :ok_hand: I bought a couple before I started at Monzo.

Not sure on male fit :see_no_evil:

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Where did you see these?


How have I managed to miss that! Thanks :+1:


Mine came today - bought the navy ‘updater’ Looks good although the colours are not as vibrant as I thought they would be but that might be due to the t-shirt being navy and dark. I thought it would be a better choice than getting white! (Im not the cleanest eater haha)

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If I buy one it’ll be the navy Original one. Then I can see if I get questions at work asking what the “M” means!

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