Warning against publishing card details on social media


Curve card have a warning to users to cover card number if you share on social media. Sound advice, and I wonder if Monzo should include a similar warning in mailings?

(Leon) #2

They do already, well they do on the new Monzo card mailings at any rate.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Yes Monzo does this now :thumbsup: I can’t find the post now but Tristan’s confirmed that it’s in the letter.

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #4

I’ve got a feeling it was in Slack that it got mentioned.

(Leon) #5

Not sure why anyone would need to be explicitly told this. (Not to post your card number on social media.) I guess that’s a thread for another day.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Closest I could find.

I did see the latest version of the letter on Monday and it has improved. Very obvious. It is also on the card in the little envelope you get if you acquire a card in person.


ok. I got my card before they did that so thanks for updating me