Coral Cards

does anyone know if the coral cards still have the number printed on the front

Yep. Mine has. It’s fairly new.

Does it matter?

im asking as they have put card numbers on the back of the cards for the usa

Mines new just the other week and it does.

Looks like Monzo US are starting to roll out cards with numbers printed on the back, rather than embossed on the front.

No news of that in the U.K. though.

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Well, it’d certainly help tell US cards apart from UK cards, for people who have both.

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I like it. Looks very clean :heart_eyes:


@jackcully I guess this isn’t something that sits within your team but would be interested in knowing if there’s any plans for a redesign of the Hot Coral cards over here in the UK to be more like the US ones?

Compared to many new cards being produced both by Monzo and other banks, the numbers on the front are starting to seem outdated, even though the coral card still looks amazing!

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Plus and Premium cards have it on the back.

And it was mentioned before that embossed card stock is still available and Monzo is going through it.

I bet US stock is printed over there. Hence they managed to rotate by now.

I guess it will take some time.