Want to ⭐ in our next video?! 🎬🎥📹 (Birmingham + Sheffield)



I’m Russell and i’ve just joined the marketing team at Monzo :tada:

We’re coming to Birmingham on Thursday 21st and Sheffield on Friday 22nd March and we’re looking to film some of our amazing customers talking about themselves, their relationship with money and Monzo.

We’ll use these videos in places like our social media, ads and website to help spread the word even further. You must be enthusiastic about Monzo and not shy about being on :movie_camera:

We’d need about 30 minutes of your time and as a thank you we’ll also pay you £25 :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:. The location will be in the city centre for both cities.

We’re looking for a representative group of people, so we need to ask you a few questions to better understand your personal circumstances.

If you’re interested please fill in this form for Sheffield :writing_hand: and this form for Birmingham :writing_hand: by the end of Sunday and we’ll follow up with more details if you are selected.



Want to ⭐ in our next video?! 🎬🎥📹 (London)
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

Ooo :eyes: signing up :grin:

I’m sure I can take a day off and hop on a train :sunglasses:

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(Sam Holland) #3

Awww please come to Manchester!! I’d be up for talking about Monzo all day to be honest @russell :joy:

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(Jordan Taylor) #4

I’ve signed up as I’m about 30 mins away in Telford and work are flexible with time off!
Have asked my other half and close friends to sign up as we utilise features like bill splits a lot. Plus joint account for myself and the other half!

(Ryan Nixon) #5

Take a trip to Northern Ireland and sign me up! :grin:


If people like the videos we’ll definitely film some more in more locations :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #7

Bonus - if you to come to Birmingham I’ll also be there to hang out and generally be helpful… At least for a couple of hours!

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(Emma (still not the app)) #8

After those couple of hours do you become unhelpful? :thinking:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #9

My day off was approved for Thursday :tada: So if I get selected for the bham video :crossed_fingers: I hope to see you there :smile:

(Simon B) #10

Yes. After that I just randomly throw unactivated Monzo cards at everyone :wink:

The serious answer is that I’m then jumping on a train to London to record a podcast appearance :raised_hands:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #11

Woohoo :tada: Accepted - this’ll be fun :grin:

Looking forward to seeing everybody there :blush:


We could do with a couple more people in Sheffield if people have friends/family who they think would be up for it :muscle:

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(Jordan Taylor) #13

If you’re still around late afternoon, will have to meet up like before. I’m booked in at half 4 :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #14

Nice idea! :slight_smile: I’ve got the whole day off :joy:

Any advice for killing time in Bham? :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Jordan Taylor) #15

Chinatown has really good restaurants and really tasty food. You could go watch a film at Cineworld or Odeon. The Odeon is Luxe and has recliners all throughout. Cineworld has 4D which Captain Marvel is currently showing in.
Not sure what else to suggest tbh!

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #16

The all important question… :eyes:

Will there be any stickers? :yum:

Nice suggestions @jtaylor69! I’m sure I shall find plenty to do & eat around New Street :grin::grin: cheers

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #17

Fantastic Day! :blush:

Arriving in Birmingham was the usual affair, sift through crowds of people, realise it’s been 4 months since you last visited and reacquire your bearings :joy: Then it was off to Monzo’s meeting location of choice, Starbucks! :coffee:

I met the lovely folks from Many Makers (film company), almost instantly began nattering about Monzo :innocent: (great practice for the fiming hehe!). After signing a quick form, the incredibly awesome @simonb appeared! :raised_hands: Really fantastic hanging out again! :blush: looking forward to the next Monzo Social that’s close to home :beers:

Then I had a ~30 minute recording session after I got the lav mic on, etc. :slight_smile: The filming itself was pretty exciting! The camera wasn’t in my face, it was chilled and I just had to answer some questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Q’s were pretty sensible, nothing too out of the ordinary :yum: bit about myself & what I do, then moving onto Monzo! There were a couple of retakes for questions I either messed up or that construction noise interfered with :sweat_smile:

After filming was finished I spent a bunch of time chatting with Simon until he left for London to record a podcast :studio_microphone: Afterwards, I went and grabbed lunch :ok_hand: It was my first ever Five Guys and all I can think to say about it is that it feels a lot like a burger van but in a building :joy: it was really tasty but probably not worth the price :sweat_smile: (stunning recommendation :smirk:)

After lunch I met up with @jtaylor69, we had a nice catch up and he’s done a solid job at persuading me that Moneybox’s LISA offering is pretty decent :eyes: it might even beat Nutmeg because of how much better the app is :boom:. I let him know what to expect from the video shoot and then I had to catch my train home :smiley:

Hopefully it was an enjoyable day for all, I know that I loved it :hot_coral_heart: can’t wait to see us all showing up in ads :tada: fingers crossed we get a heads up after all the editing is complete and ads start showing :sunglasses:

(Jordan Taylor) #18

Good to see you bud!
As you mentioned, filming went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :slight_smile:
Your comment about Five Guys made me laugh :joy:

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(Jack) #19

Just seen the video on Instagram, it’s nicely done!

Unfortunately I can’t share it as it seems to be published as an advert.

I recognised @nexusmaniac :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #20

@leonardh found the ad and took a screen recording :raised_hands::grin: