Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

That literally sounds amazing. Ramen in the post. This is the future.

I just got my first pair free. I love the colours and the designs as I was always into more bold designs for undergarments. But am disappointed that they’re white inside. Are all their pieces like that?

I’ve had approx 7 pairs so far and they are all white inside. You certainly won’t get away with wearing them for more than a day if that’s your thing :grin:

Oh God no! I just find they fade much quicker than pairs with coloured fabric and at £9.99 a pop, I’m not too keen on only being able to use them for a few months

I don’t wash anything (but especially things I put near my bits) at 30° because that’s how you get bacteria all over your clothes

I imagine it’s down to the printing process? I gather it is digitally printed fabric which needs a white base?

Out of interest, what is the material like in terms of feel/quality etc?

Yes, they all appear to be. I have got to add they are all incredibly comfortable

Agreed. I now have 5 pairs of OnThatAss and they are super comfortable!

Did anyone else get worried where this was headed?

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Material feels great. Soft, stretchy, and the fit is great

Now I’m just sad I have to wait almost two months for the next one and that I can’t pay for previous ones…

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I find clothes subscriptions a bit bemusing.

Either one of two scenarios occur. You end up with too many clothes, or the clothes are designed to wear out faster, which is not particularly great unless the subscription revolves around a circular approach to fashion, whereby you send worn out clothes back to them.

I used to subscribe to MeUndies when that had a lot of fuss back in the day. I ended up with too many pairs, and the subscription model just didn’t really work besides for novelty designs every month. They were among the comfiest underwear I’ve ever owned though.

Feels all a bit like excess consumer waste to me. Or maybe I’m just too cynical for these sorts of subscriptions.


For me, it’s allowing me to gradually replace my aging underwear collection one at a time. It also has the added benefit of bright and colourful designs which I really like (not that anyone really sees it but :woman_shrugging:). And once I replaced all my old underwear, I can just cancel then re-subscribe when needed.

For me the price is the only sticking point that has me still unsure.


When you frame the concept like that, it sounds pretty reasonable!

I justified the sock subscription to myself by saying I’d throw some away, I never did!


Ditto. I had a t-shirt subscription for the same reason, to replace my tatty ones. I now have dozens of new t-shirts that I have yet to wear, and even tattier ones that I continue to wear to death!

I can’t be trusted with such a subscription!


I did something similar but worse. Replaced old baggy t-shirts with nice, stylish fitted t-shirts. But kept wearing old ones instead. Then put weight back on so new t-shirts didn’t fit anyway :sob:

They’re all still in the wardrobe too :grimacing:


I used to have a subscription to the London Sock Exchange, mostly because I liked the simplicity of the designs. But as others say - I just got overwhelmed with too many and I didn’t throw stuff away as they were ‘aging out’ of my sock rotation.

I’ve now just got one beast of a sock drawer with a sub-strata of socks that have probably been undisturbed since 2018… So… Yeah.

I am in desperate need of a good high quality underoo though, about 12 months ago my all time favourite boxers shorts got discontinued - and I’ve never found a pair anywhere near as comfy.

In all my searching I’ve not been able to find something that comes close. The second I do I’m buying 200 pairs of boxers I think.

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Saxx. Thank me later. :wink:

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Wait, are they £25 a pair :scream:

That makes me reevaluate my complaints about the price of On That Ass


Yep. When money is no object, they are the comfiest underwear on the planet.

Got a spare £5000, @BritishLibrary?!