Waiting payment

I am waiting on a payment from NEST. They say.it was released on Monday. Now Wednesday and I do not see anything pending?

As soon as Monzo get the incoming payment it’ll show up, not sure what else you want them to do 🤷

Just double check you’ve provided the correct bank details and if you have it’ll show up ASAP

Speak to Nest :confused:

Does that mean they actually sent it? Or has it gone for processing?

I’d imagine if it’s the pension provider then 7-10 days would be a more appropriate timeframe to receive the money.

Sent this on tuesday.
Jacqueline Boyle

I’d say that this payment might take five working days from yesterday.


Looking at your screenshot it doesn’t say this at all :confused:


That’s enough internet for me for one day, luckily the next day starts in 7 minutes :joy:


I’d say this means you will have the money by the 19th - 5 working days plus 3 for BACS payment cycle.

In their T&Cs it will explain how they transfer funds to you.

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