Vote for Monzo - Service

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #21

Excellent news.

MSE gets a LOT of eyes on it, so this bodes well for the future of Monzo and hopefully brings more customers.

Of course that MAY mean that waiting times when contacting Monzo go up. I wonder what percentage of customers contact them at all though. Sure we see a lot of negative noise here, maybe we need a post that tracks all the positive interactions (I’ve contacted in-app chat twice and both times it’s been wonderful and quick), or just those who don’t interact at all. See what the split is (and this is just for forum users).

(Jordan) #22

I think it’s just part of the “headline” clickbait MSE tends to go for - they’ll smack something that will be interesting to the majority that is marginally true about the product and then throw everything else in.