Vote for Monzo in the British Bank Awards 2023

Hi there everyone :wave:

You may remember me from the mass introductions following @giorgio’s post about the new Core Experience team :rocket:

I’m really excited to join Monzo, because like you I’m a BIG fan of the product, and I want to be involved in making it better and getting more people using it.

On that note, I’ve got a favour to ask :pray:… voting for the British Bank Awards is now open and we’d love to win for the second year in a row :trophy:

Here’s what we’re up for:

  • Best Current Account Provider
  • Best Business Banking Provider
  • Best Personal Loan Provider

You can vote for multiple products, as long as you’ve used them. So if you have personal and business accounts with us, as well as a loan, feel free to vote for us for all of them.

Winning means so much to us because it comes from customers, and because it shows future customers what you all think of us.

Winners are announced on 11 May, and I’ll make sure you’re some of the first to find out if we win :crossed_fingers:


Done, left honest review too


It says you can vote for Flex too, I’ve not done Flex on this occasion purely as in its current state its still being beaten by Tymit for me, hoping that will change with future changes.

But i have done 5 Stars for loan and Current Account, the loan product especially has been the best product i’ve used in the all years as a Monzo customer.


Others do offer a lower APR, but Monzo do a great job at showing you the information


thank you @Addzy - given the nice feedback to the personal loan team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Done! Good luck!


Done. There is still room for improvement but heads and shoulders above everyone else.


Voted! For The Best Bank.


I have just put my vote in and given 5 Stars for both Flex Accounts and Current Accounts
Really loving Monzo at the minute!!!


Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote for us :pray: we do really appreciate it and believe that if we were to win it really helps our Brand and encourages people to consider us for all their banking needs :star:

Also wanted to share an update on the scores on the doors so far… :drum:

Best Current Account Provider: 829 votes :tada:

Best Business Account Provider: 231 votes :tada:

Innovation of the Year (for Flex): 43 votes

Best Personal Loan Provider: 4 votes

You need 150 votes to qualify, so we have qualified to be a finalist for the ‘Best Current Account Provider’ and ‘Best Business Account Provider’ :tada:big thanks to this community as you have played a big part in driving up our votes :heavy_heart_exclamation:

BUT, we don’t want to rest on our laurels! The winner will be selected based on the best average score of those who have qualified, so we want to make sure our average score is as high as possible. So if you have not yet voted, it’s not too late - voting closes 11th April

Also, we know we need to pick up the pace with Flex and Personal Loans & will be emailing these customers today to hopefully qualify for these next week :crossed_fingers:

Vote here & remember you can vote for every product you have used for example current account & Flex


Done & done for current account and flex :star_struck:

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I love Monzo, but for me it let me down on the loan, the APR was way off from what competitors could offer.

I also find it annoying that I can only post a cheque instead of having the facility in the app, thank goodness that other banks have this feature as I don’t trust the post.

I will be providing honest feedback

All done - especially hoping flex gets some recognition. It’s a really great product.


I borrowed some money from Monzo to buy a car a couple of weeks ago. Completely transparent process, everything made very clear, and they pre-approved me for up to £25k (eek!)

I applied for Flex a few months ago, and they turned me down, but once the loan was in place they offered me it again, and gave me a £2k facility when I applied.

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Voting in the British Bank Awards closes at 11.59pm today, and we’re currently third for best Current Account.

A final flurry of votes could help take us to the top. So if you’ve got a few seconds spare we’d really appreciate your vote. And if you have friends and family who happen to love Monzo, we’d love their vote too!

These final votes will make all the difference between winning and losing in a competitive year, so thank you again for your support :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you everyone that’s voted so far, we really appreciate you taking the time :two_hearts:



I really have no idea how starling manage to get double the votes with half the customers and the product is nowhere near as good as Monzo but hey maybe it’s just me :man_shrugging:


I personally prefer Starling. Most of the features of Monzo I don’t need and I’ve never had an issue with Starling. Easy to use and I like the app.

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Monzo are far more selective over who they ask to vote. They want good reviews, not necessarily lots of reviews. It’s a gameable system, and Monzo try to game it far more aggressively than anyone else, and their customers are happy to oblige in helping them do this. I don’t particularly trust the validity of these awards personally given how it works, and the lengths banks will go to to effectively cheat.

I’m pretty sure I’m on some kind of list following my complaint given that I’m the only flex customer in my social circles who didn’t get this email:

Starling throw the link at everyone via every medium available to them, which is honestly how it should be done IMO.

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