Vote for Monzo in the 2020 British Bank Awards

Hi Monzo Team,

Are there any plans to mobilise the Monzo community to vote for Monzo in the 2020 British Bank Awards?

It looks like there is a fast approaching deadline on the 12th January and then the 9th of February is when the voting window closes

Last year, Starling narrowly won the award for Best British Bank and have been using it as a key message in their advertising campaigns ever since. Monzo is clearly a better bank and should be recognised as such in 2020.

Vote here:

I think you just have!

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All the other Banks are tweeting - Monzo you need to as well!

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Diminishes the value of an award though, if you just get your friends to vote for you, don’t you think?

Best Bank? No, but lovely popularity contest for people to pat themselves on the back about.


I agree, but your average member of the public won’t know the difference between all the different awarding bodies. Monzo could easily win this award with very little effort and remove something that Starling is clearly leaning on heavily. Guerrilla marketing

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So pretty much no award is worth anything.


Err… how?

Because I am using it of course :sweat_smile:


In ohhh so many ways! Just because you use it a certain way doesn’t diminish the views of someone else.

I flippin love Monzo and it’s my favourite bank by far.

I also like coffee but don’t like tea. :wink:


Thanks, all. I’m keen that we prove our community-led approach can bring dividends. Let’s see what we can do if we all band together!


Is the only category for Monzo “Best Current Account” or am I missing a trick?

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From memory, the last few voting opportunities on that website have been for the ‘Monzo - Current Account’

Although I think there is some things that monzo should implement, I have for sure voted them as the best bank.
<3 monzo

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Not if the current accounts are independently and impartially assessed by a panel.

The winners are not based on vote totals, so it’s not a popularity contest.

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Voted! Let’s hope they win!, Do we get to party on receiving the award? :partying_face:

We made it through to the finals:

6 top-level categories

Best British Bank: Barclays, first direct, Halifax, Monzo, Nationwide Building Society, Starling Bank & Triodos Bank

Innovation of the Year: Molo, OpenMoney, PrimaryBid, Revolut & 1 Finalist announced on the night

Best Banking App: Barclays, HSBC, Monese, Monzo, NatWest & Starling Bank

Best Newcomer: B-Social, Countingup, Flux, N26, Oval & Suits Me

Customer Service Champion: Chorley Building Society, Darlington Building Society, Newbury Building Society, Triodos Bank, Wealthify & 2 Finalists announced on the night

Treating Customers Fairly Champion: Starling Bank, Monzo, Monmouthshire Building Society, Shepherds Friendly, first direct & 2 Finalists announced on the night

Keep voting if you haven’t already!

@monzo, you publicised reaching the finals on Facebook but not Twitter yet - keen for a cheeky tweet?


I’m afraid I wouldn’t vote this year after a couple of issues with my money being unnecessarily locked up by what appeared to be a meltdown in Monzo system. A bare apology despite the inconvenience that was caused and in spite of monzo holding a savings balance in addition to the credit.

Currently an hour wait on chat to verify my identity as well and so unable to verify a transaction for £2 - and in spite of what I believe to be the correct password having used it often enough recently.

The system is falling over and tying itself in knots

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Welcome to the community forum!

Sorry you’ve had a couple of bad experiences, hopefully things iron themselves out. Whilst there are issues from time to time, you do seem to have hit a bad run, but it doesn’t seem (from what I can see) to be the norm for everyone else.

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