Voice recognition, similar to Alexa

Would be great to have voice commands to use Monzo, for searching accounts, making payments, performing tasks like creating a new pot/budget

Would your idea be a built in device assistant like Siri/Google or more of its own unique assistant? Monzo offers some automated shortcuts with pots etc. And has integration with IFTTT. Obviously I don’t deny the technical and time this takes.
Perhaps as a skill to Alexa. There would be concerns around security and error and then think about the actual use case for it.it would mean a lot of costly developments for a gimmick perhaps?
I don’t deny it would be cool but wonder about real world use cases?

This (making payments, I believe checking balance?) used to be possible using Siri, but has been broken for at least a year.

I honestly couldnt comment i dont use Monzo very much on :apple: but more so on :android:
I think its of little use beyond a gimmick perhaps i am wrong but often a few key presses can take less time. Shortcuts and IFTTT are great. Ask Google Assistant for example “i am off to the pub” and Monzo will take money out from a pot and place in your main account this can be done using IFTTT.

oh in total agreement. Just dont know if at this stage its something Monzo should be working on.