Vodafone UK


Link for the Vodafone broadband deal I referred to earlier

If you buy that £20/month SIM for your phone you’ll qualify for the deal as an existing customer at £21 too saving you £2/month.

Who me

Yeah, and what do you get?

I get superfast 2 with speeds of 76 download and between 19 and 25 upload

Not bad at all that!

I heard from a few people that Vodafone customer service is shocking. I was with EE at one point and left them because their customer service was appalling. If voda is the same then :thinking:

All customer service is shocking but at least if there is a problem they will sort it and u can all ways call up complaints if u have to


You can’t go wrong and if you want to add calls to ur landline it’s 5 pound a month for unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines from ur house phone. Cheaper then any other provider I know

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That is cheap…what you paying currently?

I’m paying 20 pound a month


I will check the price for u to see what it is now

Cheers mate

I just looked if ur a customer u get it for 21 pound a month the same as superfast 1 and if ur new with out a contract from Vodafone it’s 23 a month


Thank you

Anytime Mate

What happens after the year term ends with mobiles.co.uk? Does it carry on at £20 minus the perk of Spotify etc or does it go up to £36? Can I simply cancel the contract and start a new one at £20 then?

Mobiles.co.uk is a cashback deal.

You’ll pay £36 a month then at set intervals you need to upload your bill to the mobiles.co.uk website and they’ll send a cheque out for say 3 months worth of the discount. At the end of the contract you’ll have paid the same as £20 a month once you’ve cashed all the cheques but you’ll be paying £36 monthly.

You can cancel and take out a new contract at the end of it - the price will still be £36 (or the inflation adjusted new price)