EE or Vodafone mobile

I’m not asking about prices - just network speed and customer service. Any preferences?

EE for me.


I’ve used both. Both are very fast in most areas of the country. Vodafone benefits from having a lot of business customers I think, I used to find it super fast in the evening. Didn’t have much interaction with CS on either network, I’m with EE now and their online chat service is fine, got everything I needed sorted, but same as most companies these days.

I personally prefer EE, I’ve had better customer service experience from them and the coverage seems ace. Even the really rural village my Dad lives in has EE signal (and nothing from Vodafone, he used to be with them).

I prefer EE. I’ve used both but EE offer me the best deal over 2 mobile phones, landline and broadband (with mobile dongle great for the kids in the car) and a tablet. I get around 50 gig pus of data that I can date between devices as needed. And never had an issue with my broadband. The app for EE is descent and CS are on the whole quite helpful.

I haven’t tried Vodafone, though a few friends had some patchy coverage and poor speeds in our area. It’s hard to ask on a national forum about coverage, as that will vary depending on where you live. FWIW I’ve found EE to be excellent here (central Scotland).

I switched from Three to EE based on customer service from Three (which was poor). EE have great staff who were really helpful when I had some initial troubles porting my number. Very friendly.

Vodafone. I recently left Vodafone to join EE and very much regret my decision.

In the space of 2 weeks since joining, EE have messed up the number porting process, they have accidentally disconnected my services for the best part of a day, and they have had a tower outage in my local area (all separate events). In addition, I can’t access MyEE due to a technical issue.

The biggest mistake was the disconnection of services (they accidentally reported my SIM as stolen). This also involved the member of staff being deceptive, including making false claims about what was said in live chat (I kept a copy), and closing my complaint without my authorisation.

I have received an apology from the complaints team and a month of free service, and apparently, the member of staff will receive “feedback”. That is a lot of problems in just two weeks.

My first impressions of EE couldn’t be worse. I will be returning to Vodafone shortly.

Perhaps I have just been unlucky…

Porting is actually really technically complex. Depending on where your number originated - it could involve three different mobile networks coordinating with each other to make something happen at the same time.

For example - if my original number was from EE and it’s now on Vodafone and I’m porting to O2, Vodafone needs to tell EE that the redirect needs to go to O2. O2 need to change my outbound number. And this all needs to happen between 11am-12pm on the working day after I request it. Yeah the UK’s porting system is weird and internationally unique, but there we go.

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Vodafone, in my experience, has pretty poor customer service

Coverage was okay

Not had any experience with EE

I’m with EE and its been good. Was with Vodafone a few years ago and the service and speed were not great. Some new EE sim only plans are out now that are similar to the one I have where I get roaming in not only the EU but other countries as well which has been useful. There are options to pick and choose your offers on EE so have a look.

EE for everything but pricing, if you want pricing look at Three.

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I’d recommend EE every time having used Vodafone in the past. If you decide to go with EE and you’re taking a phone plan, DM me and I’ll give you a 20% discount code! :raised_hands:

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EE for me also, never had any issues with the network and I’ve always had a good experience the few times i called customer service. Those Welsh are lovely folk.

Are you looking to make a decision?

If so what are your requirements?

You may find one simple has better coverage for the areas you travel in in which case you might prefer to go with them.

I’ve used both Vodafone and EE. I generally prefer EE. Vodafone’s network it’s self is fine, but I wasn’t that happy with their customer service, it’s not terrible it’s just not great. I’ve been very happy with EEs customer service they have been a great help.

I also use EE because of its eSIM option, Visual voicemail, coverage for my area, and general better 4g service.

There prices are also alright, They have some more flexible plans as well which can work out cheaper. EE also have good student discounts, work discounts (if your employer uses them), and I believe they also offer military and NHS discounts.

Vodafone also offer some discounts to military and NHS as well I believe.

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It’s 20% for military and NHS and I imagine their other discounts are around the same amount. I believe from memory that Vodafone are about the same discount, also O2 I think. All the major providers seem to offer very similar discounts it’s the smaller ones that don’t.

With EE now after trying almost all of the networks, live in the outskirts of Leeds. And EE are the only network with a signal, but WiFi calling is a godsend as a backup. CS been great so far, like the uk lines and 6months Apple Music. Remembering every network has its pros & cons, EE suits me just fine and dandy

By far the best way to gauge this in a way which is relevant to you is to grab a PAYGO SIM from each provider and do a little user testing :+1: