Vodafone UK

I thought I would make this chat because I wanna know what people think of Vodafone Uk

My partner is with them and gets good signal in our house, which I do not with EE.

But that hasn’t been a problem ever since Wi-Fi Calling became a thing. I think they might still be the only network that doesn’t allow for a cap, which is poor.

Aside from that, most networks are interchangeable these days.

I’m with them because I get really good signal like when I go to Wales and I’m in the valleys I get really good signal which I have never got with EE

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The customer service is absolute trash, but I get good discount through the company I work for and the signal is the best in my area.

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I think the same as you

Been with them for a while now, signal is great but customer service is horrible, but I think it’s similar for most networks.

When/if you can get through to a real person they can be quite helpful

That is so true I think it’s best network for Signal

Which network is best for signal is very dependant on where you use your phone. Where one network is better there’s often the opposite somewhere else.
You’ve got to choose what’s best for you based off the locations you regularly visit.

I work for an organisation that has staff working from town centres to fields and connectivity can vary a lot!
Generally our go to is EE but we do use Vodafone in some locations where their service is sub par.
There are locations which we only get a decent speed on EE or even 3.

Recently we’ve been trialing Multinet sims which connect to whatever network has the strongest coverage. The only issue is that it can’t take into account network performance.

Just to say you have 5 bars doesn’t meed the data speed is any good :frowning:


Who have you been going with for multinet SIMs? I’m only aware of one company actively activating SIMs for that

What company does that

There are a number of small MVNO’s that provide them for consumers too. Generally they are quite pricey.

I’m happy enough with Vodafone. When it works, it’s great. At home I get around 200Mbps download speeds on 4g. I have a 115GB package and even trying to use as much data as possible, I only use around 40GB a month.

Through third parties you can get unlimited data, maximum speed, spotify, free roaming in the US and 76 other countries for £20 a month after cashback, can’t grumble at that.

I got that with vodafone

Point me in the direction please…I’m with 3 and the reception is shocking at the moment since they’re trying to 5G sorted.


Helps if you have a bank account that does cheque imaging :wink: Just upload a bill every few months (I set a google calendar reminder) and wait for your cheque.

Nice one. I’m on it.

So p’d off with three it’s unreal.

The company I work for has a discount for Vodafone
I tried them a year ago on a pay as you go sim
coverage is poor and even after my works discount its still more expensive than three.

Unless there’s no signal from the other MNOs, there’s been no good reason to use Vodafone for a decade or more.

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What upload and download speeds is anyone getting with Vodafone?

Depends where you are but when I was with them I could get well over 100mbps.