Id Mobile

Does anyone know if id mobile are any good

They run off 3 so should get the same coverage, as for customer service I personally don’t know.

They are the worst, the best choice is to go with a network directly, ID piggyback off another network

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Is that worse than me :thinking:


You get points for variation :rofl:


so none then :smiley:


Good in what way?

Your question is far too vague. I’d suggest that you explain what you’re looking for in a network provider first. Everyone is different so what suits them won’t necessarily fit your needs.

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They are very good.


I was with them for years, couldn’t have been happier. No issues whatsoever.

I only swapped to Sky mobile as it was like £24 for the whole year on a special deal with cashback.

Sky mobile has been ace too.

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Yup - another vote for ID Mobile. £6 per month and very good support. What’s not to like? R-

Sky mobile is awesome

I had to leave them due to signal issues in a number of sites i worked at, other than that they were decent for the price it’s just I needed the coverage for work and had to switch over to one using the O2 network

ID Mobile is any good for people called Dave.

ID Mobile is not any good if you live in Mongolia and don’t own a mobile phone.

Next question please.


I went with them a few years ago and found the product and customer service to be the best I’ve experienced. Unfortunately the coverage was rubbish back then and I had to leave.
I’d recommend them though. Otherwise giffgaff are good.

I won’t use Three ever again, it’s coverage in central London is so oversubscribed the service is very poor.

Almost recently bought a 100Gig rolling-month SIM on Smarty, until I realised Smarty runs on Three.

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Speeds have tanked for me also , although they’ve just put a new mast up near me so we’ll see what happens when it goes live.

If they could get their new 4g/5g cloud only bla bla whatever they call it network build right that would be great, but I suspect it will be some time away.

They are cheap and do 30 day contracts for sim only. They do get pretty good reviews but they run off the 3 network which is not for everyone, as they suffer a lot of congestion in certain places which gives slow speeds.l, they say this will improve when 5G is more widely available.

so i got a id sim and virgin mobile and i will never ever choose virgin mobile ever again terrible service

Do you mean customer service, or mobile service?