Vodafone UK

My place I get about 80 down and 30 up, but speeds will vary wildly you’d need to ask someone in your area

This mobiles.co.uk link looks good, I’m thinking about using Vodafone to replace my home broadband.

Is Vodafone max, traffic managed in any way (or what they call fair usage)?
I’m paying virgin £30 a month for 50 mbps broadband only and they keep putting the prices up. If I can get 50+ mbps with Vodafone for £20 via mobiles.co.uk I might as well ditch virgin.

I’ve considered this for someone in my family before settling on a Huawei Home WiFi from 3 for unlimited data at £17/month.

Vodafone themselves say it’s not ‘suitable’ for use in a broadband device however EU laws and the terms and condition don’t specifically restrict it. Whether they’ll kick up a fuss is another story - I’m honestly not sure and their unlimited plans are too new to have much feedback. They may have hidden soft limits after which they’ll question if it’s really personal use.

Are you a high data user?

It’s about 4G/5G broadband. It’s not traditional phone line or fibre broadband.

On my phone no not really…done 70 gb once when my broadband went down. At home, I probably will be. Everyone’s phones, iPads, the tv everything is always on and using the internet.

Three have said they’ll pay my bill for the next 6 months but yesterday was yet another day when I was all over London and barely able to make a phone call

I dont trust three with anything anymore

I’ve got a router that I can stick a SIM card in which pings internet round the house :wink:

They’re shocking

3 worked out fine for my family because they don’t use it heavily - the speed fluctuates between 5-20mbps for them which isn’t a problem for streaming and browsing on one or two devices.

You might have more luck with Vodafone indeed as they’ve invested heavily in their network and their 4G performance is excellent. Plus it’s a 5G plan so you’re ready for the future. At £20 it’s worth it imo.

My wife has to care for her ban and she don’t get signal there

This is exactly what I’m thinking. Ditch virgin and three and get 2 of these Vodafone sims from mobiles.co.uk one for my phone and one for the house.

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I think you’d be fine with that. You may just want to get a cheap PAYG SIM to check the 4G speeds and coverage in your home though before you buy.


I’m going Voda today to try it. Cheers

Are u looking for broadband aswell

Which 4G router is it you have?

Yeah, virgin are getting on my nerves. I’m supposed to be paying £22 a month for 50mbps broadband only and I’m currently being charge £30. I’ve made so many calls to them and despite them saying they have stored it, I still get charged £30

TP Link something or the other. One sec I’ll check.

TP Link Ac1200

Don’t get 2 sims get 1 sim then get the broadband aswell there got good deals at the moment

You know if you go through a comparison site like uswitch etc. Vodafone’s home broadband is only £23 for the 70mbps one. It’ll likely perform much better than 4G broadband (speeds wont fluctuate as much and the latency is significantly lower).

Dependant on what your phone line can support though.

I’ve never had a problem with Vodafone broadband