Vodafone Broadband Good or Bad

What do people think about Vodafone Broadband

I’ve got superfast BB and never had any problems.

I’ve got superfast 2 and I’ve not had any problems only that every time someone from open reach goes to the green cabinet outside the knock my line and broadband off

I had an atrocious, atrocious sign-up process that was so farcical I ended up emailing their CEO directly to try and sort the whole thing out.

Credit where it’s due, lots of people from Vodafone mobilised and got it sorted out for me.

Now with them three years, can’t fault it. The signal is consistent, I’ve never noticed it being throttled (I do occasional speed checks) even at busy times and it hits the stated speeds. And I don’t think we’ve lost service once - this was a regular occurrence with Virgin fibre who I wouldn’t go anywhere near ever again.

If your ‘sign-up’ is fine (which I’m sure it will be), they’re a good choice.

Only gripe has been the cost increase as is the way nowadays.

No problem here, been with them for about 6 months after leaving constantly deteriorating Plusnet

Two years and zero drop outs. Reliable and consistent speeds.

Own router is possible with a static IP as well

I have the fast vf broadband. Been good for me, even during the house move. Would recommend :+1:

My experience has been variable.

Four the first three months there were frequent dropouts, mainly in the evening. When I phoned to complain, they investigated and said that there were an average of three dropouts per day, which was within their limits. My problem was that there was always a dropout at about 22:30 when I was always streaming something.

However, in the last two or three years, dropouts have been quite rare and I’m pretty happy with the service.

I’d run a mile


Those slow peak speeds were fixed a while back. I believe they had a network wide fault which was identified and resolved.

They became really popular in the beginning and I think had to increase their capacity rapidly and are doing okay now.