Saving targets


I thought of this idea and wanted to pose it to other users to see if it’d be a popular feature. The idea was to allow someone to create a saving goal, eg. something big like a holiday or smaller like a new phone; either way, one creates a saving “pot” where you can put money manually or a rule can be set up like “Put 15% of my account balance in my pot the day before payday”. If you were putting money aside manually, I’d like the option to say “Lock this money away from me until the 1st of June”, which could be overridden if the main account balance dropped below a certain threshold. Then when you get to your goal, you get a notification that you can now buy your new phone! Great!

Let me know what you think!

  • George
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A similar ideas has been talked about here - Virtual 'Savings' Accounts

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but great idea. There is definetley some good ideas about savings!

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@stuart Yeah, I read that before the post and it was kind of what I was after, but I quite liked the idea of money being locked away from me, otherwise I’ll spend it very easily :joy: