Virtual Cards Transaction Categories & Filtering

Hi all,

A couple of suggestions regarding virtual cards;

  1. Can a virtual card have a default category associated with it so any transactions that use that virtual card are given that extra category, if that category would be different from Monzo’s own automatic categorization. This can help with filtering transactions if point two below can’t be done.

  2. Please can we filter transaction history by card used? I’ve had to replace a virtual card due to a security breach and trudging through my transaction history to find which ones have the right little coloured card on them is very time consuming. Can this be added as a filter in the main view or an extra button within the page for the virtual card itself?

  3. Completely arbitrary, but can we see how much has been spent using a given virtual card too? Something along the lines of a simple total in the virtual card page would be interesting (total spent, total transaction count, average spend)

As a get-around for now, you could create a “Pink Virtual Card” category and then dual assign when you pay using it. So that the transaction gets two categories one for the card and one for whatever it actually is.

I haven’t used dual categories so I’m not sure if it will remember for the next time.

You could assign the value as zero, which wouldn’t help your point 3, but would help with the first two.

All good suggestions. Voted.

I presume you mean category splitting? In which case the transaction amount has to be split between the different categories. You can’t have the full amount attributed to both.

I did. But I meant have it attributed to zero for the card. So something like…

Nike - £100.00
Clothing - £100.00
Pink Virtual Card - £0.00

You’d then be able to look at that category level to see the spend on that card.

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I looked at picking more than 1 category - you can’t assign another category and have it £0.00, Monzo just ignore it.

I’ve never actually used that feature before and honestly didn’t realise it worked that way - I thought it would work a bit more like tagging, rather than splitting the bill between two categories (although I can see why it’s done that way for accounting).

Knowing that I think just being able to set the default (custom or standard) category by virtual card would be better than having two categories. Unless of course Monzo allow a bill splitting of £0.00 (which would be nice)

Could you use the tags and notes section to assign a #pink card as an example. This is filterable and can be seen on transaction exports as well