Search for Virtual Card name

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been raised somewhere else (I did a search but couldn’t find it).

It would be good to be able to search for a Virtual Card name (e.g. “One-off payments”) and the app bring back all relevant transactions in the feed.

I’ve tried this on Android and it’s not currently a feature.


Do you mean after you delete that virtual card?

We’ll I’d envisage it working for both active and deleted cards. It doesn’t work for either at the moment (unless I’m missing something obvious?).

Hi. Welcome.

No2 in here I think is what you mean, make sure to vote for it!


Fantastic - I thought it would be there somewhere! Have voted.

Thank you

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De ce nu merge sa îmi activez Cârdu monzovreau răspuns cât mai repede vreau sa va spun ca mie mi sa șters aplicația din înainte da a-mi activa Cârdu și Acu nu mai merge să-l activez cum fac as vrea sa îmi Trimiteți mailu de activare pt card

puțin probabil ca Monzo să vă răspundă, deoarece acesta este un forum public, cel mai bine să luați legătura cu Monzo direct

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