Total spent on a specific virtual card

Is there a way to see how much was the total spent on a virtual card before deleting it?

My partner has had her card blocked from her main bank account (which isn’t monzo) and they are taking forever to send her a new one.

in the meanwhile I have given her my virtual card to get her around.

she asked me today how much has she spent in total on that virtual card.

there was no way of me actually clicking on the virtual card and seeing how much had come out of that card in total. This would be a great feature to add to virtual cards

Makes sense to have this feature for other things too if you’re trying to keep track of spending’s on subscriptions and other things.

or better yet it would be great to see all purchases made with that card, breakdown of date and cost.
if that’s too difficult I will happily settle for a total spend figure.

For a down and dirty solution right now, you could assign a category to her transactions, or put some money in a pot, and link the virtual card to that pot.

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That’s a great workaround thank you