Virtual Cards and their Benefits?

Hi all.

How many times can I use a virtual card (VC) to pay for something online?

I am also struggling to see the benefit of VC’s. Would someone kindly explain in detail how these prevent fraudulent activity?

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You can use them as many times as you like, until the expiry date

Some benefits would include not having to update your card details when your card is replaced (this is now less so with automatic updates); or using a virtual card then cancelling it if you need to buy something from a website you don’t fully trust

OK, understood.

I guess by using one VC to pay for everything online would negate the benefit if I had fraudulent activity on it?! I would then have to replace the VC with a new one in every place it’s registered online, a bit like if I were using my default card.

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Yup! But for instance if your physical card is copied with a skimmer or stolen, you can still use a virtual card