Allow 20 virtual cards for Premium users

5 cards across plus and premium is not a

What on earth do you need 20 virtual cards for? Genuinely curious. :face_with_monocle:

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What made you settle on 20, instead of 10, 12, or 15?

Have you got an example on what you’d categorise 20 virtual cards under and their use cases?

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Yes, different cards, specific to physical vs internet vendors, who are more at risk of a data breach.

I may choose a single card for each internet vendor.

Cards used for specific business expense purposes to keep them separate

And cards which can auto expire after use and then you’re given a new code for those vendors you have little with

5 just seems a poor limit when some other multiple of these.

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I used to have an account (Cahoot), many moons ago, that had unlimited virtual cards (as far as I remember). Not sure if the functionality was the same as Monzo cards (I bank through a JA so can’t use :monzo: virtual cards) but it basically generated a single use card to the amount specified by the user whenever you wanted to make an online purchase. As I say, much water has flowed under the bridge since then, so maybe times and needs are very different these days.

It was in the very early days of t’internet - 2000 I think - so I didn’t really use it that much (there wasn’t much to buy online - and I was a poor student with no money to spend).

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