Virtual cards and pots

Previously I’ve paid direct debits directly from pots expecting that if there was insufficient funds in the pot the transaction would fail. It didn’t and the transaction took the money from my main account.

So my question is, do virtual cards work in the same way or do they work properly (IMHO) and the money is taken from the pot (declining the transaction if there’s insufficient funds).


They will only take from that pot and decline if there’s not enough.


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A Bills pot is a pot into which funds are manually transferred into and Direct Debits/Scheduled Payments/Standing Orders are assigned to. The payment isn’t actually made from the pot, it is made from the main account. The Bills pot simply transfers the amount of the bill from the Bills pot to the main account just prior to the expected bill being debited from the main account. It’s a solid way to ringfence funds to pay bills, noting that if there’s not enough in the assigned Bills pot to pay a bill fully, then a partial move from the Bills pot will still be made into the main account, and the bill will be paid from the main account. Unless there’s not enough in the main account either…

A Virtual Card, when linked to a pot is slightly different. The VC is an account, which is funded from the assigned pot and nowhere else. So any payments/charges made using the VC are funded ONLY from the assigned pot. If there’s not enough in the pot to fund the VC debit, it’ll get declined.

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