Virtual Card Picture Appears in Salary Sorter

Issue: if you’re a Plus customer and have a virtual card, this card is the image that appears with the word “Spending” at the top of the salary sorter, not the current account hot coral (or holographic) card.

Details to reproduce: salary sort with a virtual card created
OS: Android 10
Device: Xiaomi Mi 9
App Version: 3.41.1

Screenshots: unfortunately I didn’t get one when sorting my salary

Late reply here, but here’s a screenshot to confirm this. Screenshot is a salary sort in a Joint Account- note that my personal account shows the virtual card. Some personal details edited out.

Details to reproduce: As above
OS: iOS 14 Dev Beta 4
Device: iPhone XS
App Version 3.44

This could be a good feature. So that the virtual card is basically also a pot in effect.

“I want this virtual card to be used for £100” and you put £100 on it, like a pre-paid card and then that’s that.

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