Salary Sorter, Plus/Premium Personal account with Virtual card - display error?

Issue: : When initiating Salary Sorter, the graphic shown for a Personal account is incorrect if a Virtual card has been set-up - it shows the Virtual card image instead of the Plus/Premium card image

Details to reproduce: A Joint account may not be necessary, but it may be a clue. Set-up a Virtual card in a Personal account (Plus/Premium), receive a payment of Β£100+ into the Joint account and start Salary Sorter to distribute funds between available accounts
OS: Android 12 Beta 1, but noticed this on Android 11 also
Device: Pixel 5
App Version: 3.83.1, but noticed this on previous versions

Screenshots: The circled card shown against the Personal account should be a white metal Premium card (in my case), but the virtual card image is shown

I’ll ask here first if anyone else sees this before going to in-app chat.

My salary is on Thursday afternoon, will check it then :grin:

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No joint account and no virtual card image showing

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Yep, I’m still seeing this.

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Thanks Ben. Good (although bad) to hear it’s cross-platform then.

The iOS tie-in shows this isn’t an issue related to just my :monzo: account. Or Android. And the Joint account similarity is apparently key too.

Variables being gathered for the in-app issue submission…

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My app was updated on Monday.

Looks like my salary sorter is alright :grin:
All pictures and figures are accurate :ok_hand:

Maybe because I don’t have a joint account?
But do have 2 virtual cards :credit_card::credit_card:

I can confirm the same is occurring here.
Android 12 (but again was reproducible on 11)

I am Android 10 and no issues noticed :slightly_smiling_face:

The bug is pretty clearly joint account related, and you’ve already mentioned you don’t have a joint account…

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No errors on my salary sorter :blush:

Still, it’s a bit confusing that pots on salary sorter page shows pots in a random order :neutral_face:

I prefer to see pots in same order as they are listed on my main account :eyes::grin:

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